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What are the 3 stages of car remapping?

Car remapping is something that is done in 3 different stages. While it might seem complex, it is not that difficult to understand. The entire auto remapping process can be divided into 3 different stages which we are going to discuss here. Right from explaining what each stage is about to what it consists of, we are going to share everything with you.

Stage 1 Remapping Services

Stage 1 auto remapping is the early stage of car modification. Whether it is done with the goal of improving performance or it is done for economic purposes, stage 1 car remapping is the step where you can lift the performance by inserting a file designed to modify the manufacturer’s parameters for better power. We, at Essex Tuning, have specialists who have huge experience in delivering the best stage 1 remapping services.

What does stage 1 car remapping include?

  • Stage 1 file map
  • Different upgrade options for filter panel or induction kit.

Stage 2 Car Remapping

Stage 2 remapping is the process in which the remapping specialist will help you modify the performance of your car while adding more power with the help of a cat-back exhaust or intercooler plus induction kit. Sometimes, for people who are looking for a huge difference in power, all three components are added.

What does stage 2 remapping include?

  • Stage 2 file
  • Induction kit or intercooler
  • Exhaust

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Stage 3 Car Remapping

The last stage – stage 3 remapping is not like the previous 2, in fact, it is much more than just a file. This is the stage where a lot of time and customisation of the file is being conducted which in turn takes a lot of time on rolling or hub dyno before carrying forward the work. For stage 3 remapping, a custom package is required which is designed to cater for the demands and needs of the client.

What does stage 3 auto remapping include?

  • Intake kit
  • Full exhaust
  • Intercooler & hard pipes with silicone couplers

These are the three stages of car remapping that are often carried out. We at Essex tuning have specialists and a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise in offering a stage of car remapping. Our client-first approach has helped us win the hearts and trust of many people. We understand how difficult it could be to hand over and trust people with your priced car. Thanks to the years of experience we have, we always deliver the best quality services irrespective of which car we are working on.

Considering our commitment to the auto-tuning services we offer, we believe that when it comes to cars, there is always a possibility of making them better. So, whether it is ECU remapping, EGR deletion, Adblue delete, or any other auto-tuning services, we specialize in providing it with all.

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