Why Choose Essex Tuning Ltd?

Flexible Bookings – Choose Your Time & Place

We are a local company that looks at the bigger picture. We offer a reliable mobile service that travels straight to your home or place of work – giving you total flexibility to receive our unrivalled tuning services at your convenience.

Variety For All Vehicle Users

We offer a variety of services that will suit every customer, from HGV & Coach operators wanting more Miles Per Gallon (MPG), to local car enthusiasts who want Pops & Bangs (Burbles, Crackle Maps).

Guaranteed Safety & Quality

Essex Tuning only uses files that have  been thoroughly tested on rolling roads prior to installation on vehicles, and we only install files within your engines limits. We also have a large number of vehicle exporters that ask us to remove the Ad-Blue from the ECU.

Our Works

Speak to our technicians and arrange a mobile visit

Hybrid 50/50 - This is available for turbo diesels only, this is by far our most popular option due to the ability to deliver high performance but at the same time increasing the economy of the vehicle. We do this by giving you the performance throughout the lower gears and then increasing the economy in the higher gear selection. Economy - This is an option for a slight increase in power but more notably the economy. This is preferred for business owners and for fleet vehicles where businesses can see an incredible amount saved on the fuel prices.

Speed Limiters - (Apply) On some vehicles we are able to install speed limiters onto your vehicle, this is normally in addition to the economy maps for fleet owners as this also increases fuel economy and adds duty of care. (Remove) On the majority of vehicles we are able to remove the top speed limiters and the factory set limiters set. This is mostly applied when a customer has brought an ex-fleet vehicle with a lower than speed limit limiter on and for customers looking to do top speed runs on a track.

  • Shift Speeds - Increases the shift by up to 20
  • Torque Limiter - Increases the torque limiter to avoid limitations
  • Hydraulic Pressure - Adjusts the hydraulic pressure to prevent clutch slip on highly tuned vehicles
  • Shift Timings - Changes the RPM limiter to align with the engine.