Diesel Tuning Services

Essex Tuning provides diesel tuning services including diesel chip tuning, engine tuning, and remapping. Get increased horsepower, torque, better throttle response, and improved fuel economy. Contact us for diesel tuning near you.

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Diesel Tuning Services for Enhanced Performance & Fuel Economy

Essex Tuning provides a comprehensive range of diesel tuning services to enhance the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. Our team of experts specialises in diesel chip tuning, engine tuning, and remapping, using the latest technology and software to achieve optimal results. With our diesel tuning services, you can experience increased horsepower, improved MPG, increased torque, better throttle response, smoother power delivery, and safer overtaking.


Diesel tuning is a process of optimising the performance of your vehicle’s diesel engine. By adjusting the software parameters of the engine control unit (ECU), our experts can achieve the perfect balance between power and economy. Some of the key benefits of diesel tuning are:

Increased Horsepower

Diesel tuning can increase the horsepower of your vehicle, providing a significant boost in performance and acceleration.

Improved MPG

By optimising the fuel injection system and combustion process, diesel tuning can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle, leading to cost savings over time.

Increased Torque:

Diesel tuning can also increase the torque of your vehicle, which is essential for towing and hauling heavy loads.

Better Throttle Response:

With diesel tuning, you can experience better throttle response, making your vehicle more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

Smoother Power Delivery

Diesel tuning can smooth out the power delivery of your vehicle, making it more predictable and easier to control.

Safer Overtaking

With increased horsepower and torque, you can perform safer overtaking manoeuvres on the road.

Diesel Tuning Services Offered by Essex Tuning

Diesel Chip Tuning

Our diesel chip tuning service involves replacing the existing chip in your vehicle's ECU with a customised one that's programmed to optimise the engine's performance.

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Diesel Engine Tuning

We use advanced software to tune your vehicle's engine to achieve the perfect balance between power and economy.

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Diesel Remapping

Our diesel remapping service involves adjusting the software parameters of your vehicle's ECU to optimise its performance.

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Diesel Power Tuning

Our diesel power tuning service is designed to provide a significant boost in horsepower and torque, ideal for drivers who demand high performance from their vehicles.

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Specialist VW & BMW Diesel Tuning

If you're looking for high-quality diesel remap and tuning services for your VW or BMW vehicle, look no further than Essex Tuning. Our team of experts has years of experience in optimising the performance and fuel economy of diesel vehicles, using the latest technology and software to achieve the best results possible.

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We Come To You!

We offer a fully mobile service and will bring all of the equipment that is needed to your home or workplace. For larger jobs, with a fleet of vehicles to tune, we are willing to travel further afield, so don’t hesitate to enquire about our services anywhere in the wider region.

Why Choose Essex Tuning For Your ECU Remapping?

We have all of the experience and expertise to ensure your vehicle’s ECU is remapped appropriately and within legal limitations. Fully insured, we can help whether you drive your own van for work, are responsible for a fleet of company cars, or simply want to make sure you are not needlessly wasting money on fuel when your vehicle could be operating more efficiently for every mile you drive. Call us today to find out more.

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