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How Does An ECU Remap Increase The Torque And BHP?

An ECU remap is a process that alters the mapping of an engine control unit (ECU), which in turn changes how an engine performs.

This can result in increased torque, power and fuel efficiency. While the specific benefits will vary depending on the vehicle and remap, this alteration can be extremely advantageous for drivers looking to get more performance from their car.

In this article, we’ll explore how ECU remapping works and explain some of the key benefits associated with it.

What Is An ECU Remap And What Does It Do To A Car Engine’s Performance?

ECU remapping is a process whereby the factory settings of an engine control unit (ECU) are modified, resulting in altered performance.

This can be done through changes to the air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, turbo boost pressure and other parameters. In doing so, it’s possible to increase an engine’s power, torque and fuel efficiency – often quite significantly.

ECU remapping is typically carried out by specialist companies using bespoke software. It’s also possible to buy ‘off the shelf’ ECU tuning kits, though these are generally less effective and can even cause damage to your engine if not installed correctly.

How Torque And BHP Are Increased With A Remap

ECU remapping software can result in a significant increase in power and torque. In fact, these are usually the two biggest reasons why people get their car’s ECU remapped in the first place.

The process works by adjusting the ignition timing and fuel delivery of an engine to release more power. This is often done by increasing the amount of fuel that is injected into the cylinders and by altering the timing of when this happens.

The result is an increase in torque and power, which can be extremely useful for drivers who want their car to perform better on the road. In some cases, it can even help to improve fuel efficiency.

It’s important to note that an ECU remap is different to engine tuning. Engine tuning is a process that makes physical changes to the engine itself, whereas an ECU remap only alters the way that the engine is controlled by the ECU.

This means that ECU remapping is generally much less invasive (and therefore less expensive) than engine tuning, and it’s also much simpler to undo if you decide that you don’t like the new settings.

ECU Remapping
ECU Remapping

The Benefits Of Having An ECU Remap For Your Car

There are a number of benefits that can come from having an ECU remap, including:

Increased power and torque: As we’ve already mentioned, one of the main advantages of an ECU remap is that it can lead to a significant increase in your car’s power and torque. This can be extremely useful if you want your car to perform better on the road, or if you’re looking to tow a heavier load.

Improved fuel efficiency: Although ECU remapping will usually result in increased fuel consumption, this isn’t always the case. In some vehicles, the new ignition and fuel delivery settings can actually lead to improved fuel efficiency.

Better acceleration: The increased power and torque that comes from an ECU remap can also lead to better acceleration. This can be extremely beneficial if you use your car for racing or if you simply want to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

Smoother engine operation: In some cases, ECU remapping software can also lead to a smoother-running engine. This is because the new ignition and fuel delivery settings can help to reduce engine knocking and improve the overall operation of the engine.

Increased safety: The increased power and torque that comes from an ECU remap can also make your car safer to drive. This is because you’ll have more control over the vehicle, which can be useful in emergency situations.


An ECU remap can be a great way to improve the performance of your car. It can result in increased power and torque, as well as improved fuel efficiency. When choosing an ECU remapping service, it’s important to find one that is reputable and has experience with your make and model of car.

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