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How Car Remapping can Affect the Longevity of the Car’s Engine?

The engine in your car was built to offer more power & performance than it leaves the factory floor with. This is because the manufacturers want to play very safely with the torque and power of the ECU of your vehicle. The reason for manufacturers to play safe is to ease the maintenance as no two drivers are the same. There are many factors that make this decision of manufacturers worth it. Some of these factors are – 

  • Usually, people don’t warm up the engine properly. 
  • Missing service intervals. 
  • Filling low-quality fuel.

All these factors have pushed manufacturers to set a particular ECU setting for a vehicle. In addition to this, with the engine settings fixed by manufacturers, they can put a strict emission target for a vehicle. 

Now that we have understood the science behind suppressing the power of engines, let’s understand what is the impact of car remapping on a car’s engine? 

What car does car remapping bring to the table?

Car remapping is a process by which you can adjust the microchip of your car’s ECU improving the power and performance of the vehicle. This is the process in which the factory settings of your OEM that is an original equipment manufacturer gets overridden with some new modifications and settings. 

If you want to know more about ECU remapping, you must refer to our piece of article on – 

Why consider ECU remapping for your car?

What is the impact of vehicle remapping on the engine’s longevity? 

The life of your car’s engine depends largely on how it is driven as well as how well it is maintained. In simple words, the more you use your car the more it is subjected to wear and tear. This, however, does not mean that it will not get damaged prematurely. If you don’t keep up with the engine’s maintenance, the engine can get damaged prematurely. 

Several clients ask us whether car remapping impacts on longevity of the engine or not?

In general, car remapping has no effect on the longevity of a car’s engine. Car remapping, as we discussed before will simply improve the torque as well as the power output of an engine. 

One thing to note here is that even after car remapping, you must maintain the engine by not overdriving it and getting it serviced properly at regular intervals. 

So, in short, car remapping services will have no effect on the engine’s longevity. So, if you are worried about getting car remapping services, you must not worry about it at all and go for it. 

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