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Payment Assist - FAQ

Payment Assist provides payment solutions in a variety of sectors, such as Automotive, Retail & Legal. Payment Assist has been established since 2013, bringing their new ethos to consumer finance in the automotive space. This has mainly been with our short-term interest free finance, which has been both in store and online.

We have also provided longer term finance, both interest free and interest bearing, into other sectors. Payment Assist is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Your eligibility for finance from Payment Assist will be subject to your circumstances. However, you will need to:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid mobile telephone number and email address
  • Have a UK home address
  • Have a valid UK based Debit card

Should you be in an IVA, we will require some additional information to assess your application including a letter from your IVA company confirming that you are allowed to take finance along with your bank statement.

They simply check that your card has adequate funds to pay the initial deposit and the address registered to your Debit card matches, but no footprint is left on your credit status and this online check takes seconds. In some instances, they may need to carry out a full credit check, where this is the case, they will ask for your permission before this take place.

You will pay a deposit of 25% of the total bill via your Debit card on the day, followed by three more equal payments form the Debit card.

The payments are taken by a Recurring Card Payment Authority instead of a Direct Debit. If your card changes then please contact them and they can update it to the correct details for you.

You must have a UK based Debit card. Credit cards and certain Debit cards that include prepaid cards that do not allow continuous payments are not accepted. They do accept Credit cards on subscriptions and instant payments.

If you are not sure, then gives them a call.

It is possible to have more than one plan running at once providing the amounts are below the merchants limits otherwise a credit check would be required. Please ensure any finance you take is affordable and be aware of how missed payments can effect your credit rating as well as incur additional charges.

No, unfortunately 4 months is all we offer as of now.

Yes, in order to validate your identity, Payment Assist reserves the right to ask you a number of questions about your personal circumstances. These questions are simply an added level of security to protect you from identity theft. You can also be assured that we as merchants do not have access to this information.

Once you have completed the link that is sent to you will receive an email confirming it is set up which will include a schedule of your loan payments.

Yes, you can call them on 01664 503151 or email them on where they would be happy to move it to any date within that payment month that better fits your circumstances.

Yes, simply gives them a call on our office number and they can arrange that for you.

If your complaint is regarding our services, then contact us directly.

However, if your complaint is regarding the finance or any service that you have received from Payment Assist, they can be contacted on 01664 503151, or by email at

If you find yourself in this position, please call them on 01664 503151. Alternatively, they can be contacted on email at or by using there online chat function which is manned weekdays from 9am till 6pm and 9am till 3pm on Saturdays. Payment Assist operates a fair collections policy and will always endeavour to give you adequate time to resolve any financial difficulties in repaying your loan.