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Understanding an ECU Remapping For Your Vehicle

The engine control unit, or ECU, of any modern vehicle, will be responsible for many of the performance issues it may suffer from. By remapping the ECU – sometimes called ECU tuning – it is often possible to improve the overall performance of a car, van or motorhome. Bear in mind that the ECU in your vehicle runs on the software since it is an electrical component rather than a mechanical one. This means by adjusting its software settings, or remapping them, it becomes possible to offer your car a new lease of life when it is on the road.

ECU Remapping is our speciality and each year we continue to invest more time and resources into the research and development of vehicles nationwide in the UK! We can custom tune your motor vehicle to enhance its performance just by re-calibrating the factory software on the factory engine management system. Whether you’re after more towing power, race-ready daily, better fuel economy or an overall comfortable drive, then give us a call today and we can discuss your options for transforming your pride and joy.

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Why Have an ECU Remapping Carried Out?

At Essex Tuning, people often turn to us for our ECU remapping services because they want to enjoy better fuel economy. By uploading the right files to the ECU of any vehicle, it is possible to improve fuel efficiency. This is a good thing to know if you run a company fleet and want to save on the amount of fuel you are paying for each quarter. That said, an ECU remap is of just as much benefit to private car owners who would like to drive more economically. By managing the fuel injection, airflow and vehicle sensors more effectively with new software settings, you can save surprisingly large amounts of money.

Working With Your Hardware

Your vehicle’s hardware determines the degree to which ECU remapping will improve your vehicle’s performance. It may not be possible to achieve your desired performance with standard hardware. Before performing the tune, our dealers calculate the effect of the upgrade on your clutch, fuel injection system, turbo, diesel particulate filter, oxygen sensors, and other performance-related parts. They then provide you with all the information you require to determine the right balance between performance improvements, safety, and vehicle longevity, enabling you to make an informed decision about how to achieve your desired result.

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Why Choose Essex Tuning for Your ECU Remapping?

We have all of the experience and expertise to ensure your vehicle’s ECU is remapped appropriately and within legal limitations. Fully insured, we can help whether you drive your own van for work, are responsible for a fleet of company cars or simply want to make sure you are not needlessly wasting money on fuel when your vehicle could be operating more efficiently for every mile you drive. Call us today to find out more.

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