About Essex Tuning: Raising the Limits

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Essex Tuning: Performance & Security Experts

At Essex Tuning & Vehicle Security, we’ve become a trusted name within the mobile vehicle tuning industry, improving performance and fuel efficiency on thousands of vehicles and protecting our customers’ vehicles with high-level vehicle security such as Ghost 2 Immobilisers, Dash Cams, and Security Tracking. We take pride in delivering reliable, mobile services to our customers. 

Our Mission

To provide a reliable and trustworthy service to our customers.

Our Milestones

  • 2019: Recognising the need for a reliable tuning service across Essex. We were driven by stories of disappointed drivers abandoned by unreliable tuners.
  • 2020: We formed a partnership with one of the UK’s leading file providers, granting us access to high-level software for ECU tuning.
  • 2021: We expanded our team and dedicated nine months to comprehensive training to exceed standards. Our commitment to excellence attracted a diverse clientele, including new, returning, and trade customers.
  • 2022: Our services expanded to include DPF cleaning, offering customers a solution to restore power, performance, and fuel economy with minimal downtime.
  • 2023: Responding to customer demand, we began offering & installing high-level vehicle security, including Ghost 2 Immobilisers and Security Tracking, to safeguard our customers’ vehicles.

Our Future

Our story is far from over. As demand for our services continues to grow, we remain steadfast in delivering reliable, mobile solutions while solidifying our reputation as a trusted brand.