Why get your home on wheels remapped?

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Is Your Motorhome Underpowered?

if you own a motorhome you have probably found yourself at the bottom of an incline changing down gears trying to reach the top. We know that many of your home away from homes have an ordinary van engine that has been simply de-tuned.

How Can We Help?

We have found that with the extra weight go high quality furnishings and everyday items that you take away with you. This added weight has a detrimental affect not only to the power of the vehicle but to the overall economy, so not only does traveling up steep slopes become tedious with the lack of power but you are using far more fuel.
We have the ability to increase the power of your home from home making the trips in more hilly environments much more comfortable and enjoyable, with this extra power the vehicle uses less fuel to help travel around these beautiful locations. On average we increase the fuel consumption by 15% but have seen highs of 15mpg on like for like driving.

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Unfortunately Motorhomes do not come up on our vehicle search so we cannot send you to our vehicle check page. Please could you send us the following to info@essextuningltd.co.uk (Make / Model / Year / Current BHP).

Our Works

Vans (LCV)

Although it is not illegal to remove a DPF filter form your vehicle, it is an offence under the Road vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations (Regulation 61a(3))1 to use a vehicle which has been modified in such a way that it no longer complies with the air pollutant emissions standards it was designed to meet.
  • Up to 20% savings on the cost of fuel
  • Up to 20% reduction in emissions
  • Zero impact on the value
  • No mechanical modifications or attachments
  • Installation in less than 1 hour
  • One-off installation fee
  • Return on investment within 6 months or less
  • No maintenance fees
  • Restore vehicle back to standard at any time
  • Guaranteed instant fuel saving

Commercial Vehicles

The remapping of commercial vehicles and lorries is not just about the additional power, torque and driveability. These days with increased fuel prices and the need to reduce running costs is a pressure for all fleet operators and owner operators alike. We can provide commercial vehicles with tailored software to increase fuel economy with very significant improvements in fuel saving which could be within the tens of thousands annually subject to how many vehicles you have.

We can work with the majority of truck manufactures, so whether you are an owner operator or have a fleet of vehicles we ca help.

We can also help arrange the installation of a DVS (Driver Vision Standard) system to comply with either FORS Gold or FORS Silver, this is provided by a company who is part of the FORS scheme and an approves installer.