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Essex Tuning Limited is a company registered in England with Company Registration Number 12605409 (the “Company”). The Registered Office address is 75b Una Road, Harwich, Essex, United Kingdom, CO12 4PS. References to Essex Tuning, “the Company”, “we”, “Our” and “us” throughout the Terms and Conditions refer to this Company.



2.1 These Terms and Conditions will be binding between the Company and you, the customer, upon booking your vehicle in for work with us. Where you, the customer, are a consumer, these Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

2.2 Prior to carrying out the installation of the software, we scan your vehicle with a diagnostic tool, we do not make any representations or warranties that the tool will identify any underlying defects, therefore it’s impossible for us to know the overall condition of your engine internals and components.

2.3 The software we install is designed to work within the limitations of a healthy vehicle, however, we make no representations or warranties that the additional demands requested by the software will not expose or exacerbate a previously unknown fault or weakness with your vehicle, which may ultimately lead to a failure, engines and components can and do fail simply via age, wear, poor servicing or manufacturing defects.

2.4 We make no representations or warranties that the installation of the software will not invalidate any manufacturer or third-party warranty you may currently have in place, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions of any said warranties you may have in place.



3.1 Performance gains (power and torque) are estimates provided by the software providers and are commensurate with the age, mileage and condition of the vehicle, on the day of the installation you are invited to extensively test drive your vehicle after the software has been applied, should you not be delighted with the results at this point we will reinstall the original software and there will be no charge.

3.2 The software we install never changes, if an issue arises with your vehicle it will most likely be due to a mechanical or electrical fault, not a fault with the software. Once the fault is fixed your vehicle will continue to perform to the same standard as it did when we initially carried out the installation. However, we provide a warranty on the software for any necessary updates, necessary means as recommended for safety reasons, by the suppliers of the software we install.



4.1 If you have any questions please contact us by telephoning us on 07398 681829 or by emailing us at

4.2 If your vehicle is purchased through a finance plan, such as Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP), you are the ‘keeper’ and not the ‘owner’ of said vehicle. You are therefore contractually obliged to contact your lender and obtain written permission from them for any non-standard modifications.

4.3 You are legally obligated to inform your vehicle’s Insurer of any modifications made to your vehicle as Insurers can, at their own discretion, revoke or void an insurance policy if they are not informed of said.