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What Is an SCR Deletion?

With an SCR deletion, it is possible to remove the necessity for AdBlue fluid to be used when driving. AdBlue fluid is made up of urea and demineralised water and it is primarily used in diesel engines to reduce the number of gases that are passed to the exhaust. Essentially, the SCR system helps to lower the emissions of vans, cars and motorhomes. However, the Selective Catalytic Reduction system can be turned off with the right software know-how. Although this may mean higher emissions are generated, it can also result in better performance.

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The Benefits of an SCR Deletion

It is a legal requirement to comply with the emissions regulations on the road but cars that are due to be exported to a country where AdBlue fluid is hard to obtain will benefit from an SCR deletion service. Where vehicles are used in an off-road only context, then owners can also find that their vehicle can perform better, with improved horsepower and better fuel economy.

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Why Ask Essex Tuning For an SCR Deletion?

At Essex Tuning, we have the know-how to ensure your car’s SCR deletion service is carried out correctly so that the entire SCR system is turned off. What’s more, this can be done with the correct software changes to make sure that the associated dashboard warning light does not come on. We can do this whether the AdBlue system is programmed via the vehicle’s engine management system or hardwired into the car via a dedicated electronic control unit.

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