Car Remapping & Warranty | What is The Impact?

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Are you wondering if getting a car remapping service will affect your warranty? If yes, you have landed at the right place. We, at Essex Tuning, have come across several auto-tuning clients who have often asked us – whether auto-tuning and car remapping will affect our vehicle’s warranty? 

Finally, we have decided to stop answering every single customer and explain it to all who are even thinking about getting car remapping services. 

So, stick with us and find the answer to all your questions. 

i) Will getting car remapping services will affect my warranty? 

ii) Can OEMs check to see if the car remapping is done? 

iii) Can car remapping be removed for warranty work?

These are three basic questions that we are often asked by our customers and probably you have in your mind about car remapping services. We have observed how people get stuck deciding whether they want car remapping services or not because of these queries. Let’s elaborate on these points one by one for your understanding – 

i) Will getting car remapping services will affect my warranty? 

Since car remapping services will replace the ECU of a vehicle, it will affect the warranty of your engine. In addition to this, car remapping will also void your clutch as well as gearbox warranty. So, if you are deciding to get your car remapped, do keep this in mind because if you have heard otherwise, you have been lied to. 

Usually, the car manufacturer warranties can clearly state the modifications to any car component that are not approved by the OEM will void their warranty. 

ii) Can OEMs check to see if the car remapping is done? 

Most diagnostic equipment in the dealership garages are not very updated and modified to detect the car remapping changes being done. This is a good thing. A dealership will not be able to detect any fault codes if they plugin to the diagnostic tool. In our experience, 99% of cases go undetected by OEM. 

iii) Can vehicle remapping be removed for warranty work?

Well, the good news is that car remapping can be removed for warranty purposes. Essex Tuning and several other tuning companies can actually return ECU back to normal. This will minimise the risk of your OEM checking and will also will leave your car’s warranty unhampered. Sounds good, right? 

So, wait no more and increase the performance of your car today. 

We hope that this piece of the article answers all your questions and keep your car warranty safe and intact. Car remapping has a lot of benefits. You can check out some benefits of ECU Remapping before considering getting it done. 

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