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If you own a diesel-powered vehicle, there’s a good chance it’s equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF); read our guide to learn more about what it is and what it does.

EVER SINCE Euro 5 emissions regulations were introduced in Europe in 2009, carmakers have made it mandatory to fit diesel-powered vehicles with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).


What is a diesel particulate filter?

Diesel contains many harmful compounds, although regulators are mainly concerned about controlling the Big Three: carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen oxide (NOx), and particulates. But reducing, say, nitrogen oxides can see an increase in particulates.

While some car makers have trialled exhaust gas recirculation on diesel engines, this can help reduce NOx emissions because an amount of exhaust gas is being directed back into the engine’s air intake, thus requiring less fresh air but doing so reduces cylinder temperatures and increases particulate matter. And because particulates are carcinogenic (meaning they can cause cancer), we don’t want more of the stuff produced.

We have diesel particulate filters. These things capture and store the particulates (or soot) caused by diesel engines. Because DPFs have a specific capacity, the particulates/soot must be burned off to ‘regenerate’ the DPF. The regeneration process burns off the particulates/soot with a DPF able to reduce particulate emissions by 80% compared with your diesel-powered vehicle.



How do I know if my diesel particulate filter is blocked?

If your car’s DPF hasn’t regenerated (explained below) and has become blocked, you’ll see a warning light like the one shown below.


Why would my diesel particulate filter become blocked?

Simple, you’re driving only short distances and at low speeds. Most carmakers suggest a diesel particulate filter will last around 10,000 Miles before needing replacement.


How does a diesel particulate filter regenerate?

There are two ways in which your vehicle will ‘regenerate’ the DPF (usually once the filter has hit 45 per cent capacity) via either ‘passive’ or ‘active’ regeneration.

Passive regeneration occurs without the driver know when the vehicle is running at high speeds for around 30min or longer. This allows the exhaust temperature to heat up to burn off the particulate/soot.

Active regeneration was introduced to ensure those drivers who only drive a short distance and thus don’t meet the threshold for passive regeneration could still have the particulate in their DPF burnt off.

Car remapping is something that is done in 3 different stages. While it might seem complex, it is not that difficult to understand. The entire auto remapping process can be divided into 3 different stages which we are going to discuss here. Right from explaining what each stage is about to what it consists of, we are going to share everything with you.

Stage 1 Remapping Services

Stage 1 auto remapping is the early stage of car modification. Whether it is done with the goal of improving performance or it is done for economic purposes, stage 1 car remapping is the step where you can lift the performance by inserting a file designed to modify the manufacturer’s parameters for better power. We, at Essex Tuning, have specialists who have huge experience in delivering the best stage 1 remapping services.

What does stage 1 car remapping include?

  • Stage 1 file map
  • Different upgrade options for filter panel or induction kit.

Stage 2 Car Remapping

Stage 2 remapping is the process in which the remapping specialist will help you modify the performance of your car while adding more power with the help of a cat-back exhaust or intercooler plus induction kit. Sometimes, for people who are looking for a huge difference in power, all three components are added.

What does stage 2 remapping include?

  • Stage 2 file
  • Induction kit or intercooler
  • Exhaust

You may also want to know How car remapping can affect the longevity of the car’s Engine?

Stage 3 Car Remapping

The last stage – stage 3 remapping is not like the previous 2, in fact, it is much more than just a file. This is the stage where a lot of time and customisation of the file is being conducted which in turn takes a lot of time on rolling or hub dyno before carrying forward the work. For stage 3 remapping, a custom package is required which is designed to cater for the demands and needs of the client.

What does stage 3 auto remapping include?

  • Intake kit
  • Full exhaust
  • Intercooler & hard pipes with silicone couplers

These are the three stages of car remapping that are often carried out. We at Essex tuning have specialists and a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise in offering a stage of car remapping. Our client-first approach has helped us win the hearts and trust of many people. We understand how difficult it could be to hand over and trust people with your priced car. Thanks to the years of experience we have, we always deliver the best quality services irrespective of which car we are working on.

Considering our commitment to the auto-tuning services we offer, we believe that when it comes to cars, there is always a possibility of making them better. So, whether it is ECU remapping, EGR deletion, Adblue delete, or any other auto-tuning services, we specialize in providing it with all.

BMW is one of the luxurious car brands in the world. Where more and more people are investing in BMW cars, there we frequently are been asked about BMW ECU remapping services. Today, we finally decided to answer a few frequently asked questions about BMW car remapping. 

We hope, by the end of this article, you have all the answers you need about BMW car remapping. 

We understand how making this decision of getting your beloved BMW’s car remapped is difficult. By answering a few questions we hope you will be able to come to a decision. 

Here are the questions we are going to discuss here – 

  • What is BMW car remapping? 
  • Why should you get BMW ECU remapping services? 
  • How does ECU remapping work for BMW? 
  • What are the benefits of getting ECU remapping for your BMW? 
  • How Essex Tuning is the best place for you to get ECU remapping services for your BMW?

Let’s get to the answers one by one – 

What is BMW ECU remapping? 

ECU remapping is a very safe, effective, and simple way of improving your BMW engine’s performance. With ECU remapping, you can easily increase the power & efficiency of the engine. Since BMW has an electronic control unit commonly known as ECU which is responsible to control all the engine functions. The ECU of a car is responsible for controlling several different operations including fueling, ignition, as well throttle. Remember that BMW ECU is not just a piece of hardware but is a very complicated software that is used to control different components of your car to maximize the efficiency of the engine. 

Why should you get BMW remapping services? 

There are two major reasons why you should consider getting your BMW engine remapped. One is to get improved torque and the next is to increase the performance of your BMW’s engine. Since the power of most engines is restricted by the manufacturer because of many safety and emission issues. There are several parameters that are controlled by algorithms running in the background like fuel, air ratio, ignition timing, and turbocharging boost pressure. So, to improve the performance of your engine over the different parameters we mentioned above. 

How does ECU remapping work for BMW? 

As the term suggests, the remapping services alter the maps in your BMW’s ECU. Here, with the map, we refer to the table of hexadecimal qualities stored in the vehicle’s system. These are the tables that are used to link and store the data concerning fuel, boost, and timing. Usually, this process takes data from the vehicle’s various sensors & adjusts its parameters inside the stock map including boost pressure ignition advance, throttle pedal control, and fuel pressure. 

What are the benefits of getting ECU remapping for your BMW? 

There are many different benefits of getting ECU remapped for your BMW. Some of these advantages are – 

  • Increased engine power 
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased car dynamics
  • Reduced & Suppressed fuel consumption

How Essex Tuning is the best place for you to get ECU remapping services for your BMW?

Now that we have covered everything important you need to know about the car remapping services, let’s get to the part where we share why most BMW owners trust us for our car remapping services. The first reason behind that is our experienced team of professionals and our expertise in the field. We have been enhancing the performance of your vehicles and improving your driving experience. If you are interested in getting BMW car remapping services, you can simply contact our team of experts. 

The engine in your car was built to offer more power & performance than it leaves the factory floor with. This is because the manufacturers want to play very safely with the torque and power of the ECU of your vehicle. The reason for manufacturers to play safe is to ease the maintenance as no two drivers are the same. There are many factors that make this decision of manufacturers worth it. Some of these factors are – 

  • Usually, people don’t warm up the engine properly. 
  • Missing service intervals. 
  • Filling low-quality fuel.

All these factors have pushed manufacturers to set a particular ECU setting for a vehicle. In addition to this, with the engine settings fixed by manufacturers, they can put a strict emission target for a vehicle. 

Now that we have understood the science behind suppressing the power of engines, let’s understand what is the impact of car remapping on a car’s engine? 

What car does car remapping bring to the table?

Car remapping is a process by which you can adjust the microchip of your car’s ECU improving the power and performance of the vehicle. This is the process in which the factory settings of your OEM that is an original equipment manufacturer gets overridden with some new modifications and settings. 

If you want to know more about ECU remapping, you must refer to our piece of article on – 

Why consider ECU remapping for your car?

What is the impact of vehicle remapping on the engine’s longevity? 

The life of your car’s engine depends largely on how it is driven as well as how well it is maintained. In simple words, the more you use your car the more it is subjected to wear and tear. This, however, does not mean that it will not get damaged prematurely. If you don’t keep up with the engine’s maintenance, the engine can get damaged prematurely. 

Several clients ask us whether car remapping impacts on longevity of the engine or not?

In general, car remapping has no effect on the longevity of a car’s engine. Car remapping, as we discussed before will simply improve the torque as well as the power output of an engine. 

One thing to note here is that even after car remapping, you must maintain the engine by not overdriving it and getting it serviced properly at regular intervals. 

So, in short, car remapping services will have no effect on the engine’s longevity. So, if you are worried about getting car remapping services, you must not worry about it at all and go for it. 

Are you wondering if getting a car remapping service will affect your warranty? If yes, you have landed at the right place. We, at Essex Tuning, have come across several auto-tuning clients who have often asked us – whether auto-tuning and car remapping will affect our vehicle’s warranty? 

Finally, we have decided to stop answering every single customer and explain it to all who are even thinking about getting car remapping services. 

So, stick with us and find the answer to all your questions. 

i) Will getting car remapping services will affect my warranty? 

ii) Can OEMs check to see if the car remapping is done? 

iii) Can car remapping be removed for warranty work?

These are three basic questions that we are often asked by our customers and probably you have in your mind about car remapping services. We have observed how people get stuck deciding whether they want car remapping services or not because of these queries. Let’s elaborate on these points one by one for your understanding – 

i) Will getting car remapping services will affect my warranty? 

Since car remapping services will replace the ECU of a vehicle, it will affect the warranty of your engine. In addition to this, car remapping will also void your clutch as well as gearbox warranty. So, if you are deciding to get your car remapped, do keep this in mind because if you have heard otherwise, you have been lied to. 

Usually, the car manufacturer warranties can clearly state the modifications to any car component that are not approved by the OEM will void their warranty. 

ii) Can OEMs check to see if the car remapping is done? 

Most diagnostic equipment in the dealership garages are not very updated and modified to detect the car remapping changes being done. This is a good thing. A dealership will not be able to detect any fault codes if they plugin to the diagnostic tool. In our experience, 99% of cases go undetected by OEM. 

iii) Can vehicle remapping be removed for warranty work?

Well, the good news is that car remapping can be removed for warranty purposes. Essex Tuning and several other tuning companies can actually return ECU back to normal. This will minimise the risk of your OEM checking and will also will leave your car’s warranty unhampered. Sounds good, right? 

So, wait no more and increase the performance of your car today. 

We hope that this piece of the article answers all your questions and keep your car warranty safe and intact. Car remapping has a lot of benefits. You can check out some benefits of ECU Remapping before considering getting it done. 

Luckily, there are several different auto-tuning companies that are readily providing excellent quality auto-tuning services. One such name is Essex Tuning. We are trusted by many people in and around Essex. We provide all kinds of auto-tuning services. For more details, you can also contact our team of experts and they will guide you right. 

For all those who are looking for ways to improve your car’s performance, you must have come across the idea of EGR Delete. Being experts in providing these EGR delete services, we have witnessed how most people are curious to know about the benefits of EGR Delete services. Here, today, we are going to discuss just that with you. 

In this piece of article, we are going to explain what EGR Delete is and why should you consider getting that? 

So, let’s kick start our discussion with what EGR Delete is? 

Understanding EGR Delete

Without understanding what EGR Delete is, it is impossible to figure out whether you need to go for it or not. In this section of the article, we are trying to elaborate on what EGR Delete is, what role it plays in the engine, what are its drawbacks and more. 

EGR means Exhaust Gas Recirculation and as the name suggests, it is responsible for just that. An EGR valve recirculates an exact amount of exhaust gas into the engine intake system which then reduces the emissions while increasing the performance and fuel efficiency of your car. 

The only problem with this EGR is that along with the exhaust gas it also recirculates the soot which in turn can clog the intake system and reduce your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. 

Now that you understand what EGR is, let’s get to understand what EGR Delete does. EGR Delete Kit removes that EGR valve which pushes your engine to perform without recirculating the exhaust. If you decide to get the EGR Delete kit installed in your car, you must get ready to experience some huge differences in your vehicle.

We are sure, you are excited to know what are those differences that we are talking about, right? 

Don’t worry, we are going to reveal them all to you in the next section of this article. 

What are the advantages of EGR Delete? 

As we said that EGR Delete causes a huge difference in your vehicle. Some of these differences that you will be able to enjoy with EGR Delete are – 

Increases Power 

By removing the EGR valve, you can instantly improve the efficiency and performance of your car. Although an EGR valve might seem to be a necessity it is actually an impractical decision especially when we talk about the performance of the vehicle. So, if you want to increase the power of your vehicle, you must go with EGR Delete. 

Improved Fuel Efficiency 

Another huge benefit of the EGR Delete Kit is that it improves the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This is because you are burning the cleaner fuel when not recirculating the exhaust gas back to the system. This also reduces the risk of having a diesel particulate filter failure which results in a 20% increase in the vehicle’s efficiency. 

Affordable Solution 

EGR Delete Kit is quite affordable and this is the reason why people with a limited budget must consider going with this solution to improve the power of their vehicle. 

These are some major advantages of EGR Delete that has convinced more and more people to get EGR Delete Kit. Now with EGR Delete you might cause adverse effects like increased exhaust gas temperature and reduced horsepower in some diesel engines. However, the list of benefits bypasses these disadvantages. So, if you are looking to improve the performance of your vehicle and increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, you must go for EGR Delete Kit Installation. 

Luckily, there are many places that offer expert EGR Delete Services today. Essex Tuning is one of the most trusted names in Essex for EGR Delete Services. 

Before you decide which company to hire for EGR Delete, you must also check our piece on things to note before hiring an auto-tuning company

When it comes to auto-tuning services, there are several companies that claim to be the best at providing different auto-tuning services including DPF deletion, ECU remapping, EGR valve closure, and AdBlue Deletion. This is where the challenge begins – how to choose the right auto tuning company for your business? Here, we are going to take you through some things that you need to consider when looking for a vehicle remapping company.

So, stick with us and never fall for any gimmick company that claims to deliver the best auto tuning services. 

What should you consider when looking for a car tuning company?

Before you start looking for an auto-tuning service company, make sure that you have a certain clarity on what you need – 

i) Be certain about your tuning goal

ii) Know if you are certain about getting your car remapped

These two things will clearly help you come to the decision whether you need car tuning services or not. Let’s elaborate on these two points – 

i) Be certain about your tuning goal

Before you start hunting for the companies providing auto-tuning services, you need to be sure about what your auto-tuning goals are and why you are thinking of getting your car tuned? Usually, with auto-tuning services, you get to adjust different things like ignition timing, spark plug gaps, engine chips, and air-flow ratios. Whether it is speed optimization, fuel economy optimization, or performance tuning, with auto-tuning you can achieve it all. So, if this is something that you are ready to touch? You must move further to find the right auto-tuning company. 

ii) Know if you are certain about getting your car remapped 

Since auto-tuning is going to replace & optimize the ECU of a vehicle, you need to be very certain about whether you want to go with vehicle remapping services or not. 

If you want to know more about why you should consider going for ECU remapping, check our article on – Why Consider ECU Remapping For your Car?

Now, after considering all this, if you still are considering going with vehicle remapping, here are some things that you need to consider when looking for a vehicle remapping service company. 

i) Check for the company’s experience 

ii) Look if they provide the desired service

iii) Look for their reviews 

These are a few things that when considered will help you find the right vehicle remapping service company. Let’s elaborate on these points one by one. 

i) Check for the company’s experience 

The first factor that you need to consider when hiring an auto-tuning company is to check for their experience. Choosing a vehicle remapping company that has extensive experience in offering different kinds of vehicle remapping and tuning services for several different models and variants is a wise decision. Since they are going to play around with the ECU of your vehicle, it is crucial that they have prior experience to make sure that the performance of your vehicle is not impacted in a bad way. 

ii) Look if they provide the desired service

Another very important factor to consider while looking for an auto-tuning company is to check if they have the service that you are looking for. Depending on what kind of result you need, you need to know if the company you are considering hiring is providing that specific service. 

iii) Look for their reviews 

Another very good thing to check here while looking for a vehicle remapping service is to check for customer reviews. Every good auto-tuning company tends to showcase their customer reviews, mostly on their website. So, before you jump onto selecting an auto-tuning company, make sure that you know if people like their work. 

Bottom Line 

In the end, we would like to say that it is very important that you remain very alert while choosing an auto-tuning company. Since it is going to affect your car’s performance, it is crucial that you choose a team that is well-experienced and trusted in the industry. Essex Tuning has become one of the most trusted auto-tuning companies in Essex and nearby areas. With our excellence in optimizing the vehicle’s performance by different vehicle remapping, you can easily get the desired vehicle performance results that you are looking for. 

Frustrated with the problem of overheating the engine? If yes, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to discuss with you something that everyone, once in their lifetime has experienced – the problem of overheating engines. This problem can even become serious if you are not taking precautions and required actions. 

Here, in this piece of article, we are going to share our knowledge about the overheating engine problem and hope that you will find it helpful.

What are the common reasons for overheating engines? 

In most modern cars, the cooling system works by circulating the coolant through the engine block where it collects heat to the thin tubes of the radiator where the heat is dissipated, aided by cool air flowing in through the front grille. Once this fluid is at a lower temperature, it is usually recirculated through the engine again. There is also a water pump that keeps the liquid moving continuously. There are several causes within this system that can overheat your car engine. Some of these reasons are – 

  • Loss of coolant 
  • Dodgy thermostat
  • Bad radiator 
  • Faulty water pump

All these issues can cause overheating problems in car engines. 

Some other very common causes of engine overheating – 

  • Excessive towing – Excessive towing can cause overheating of the engine. 
  • Over straining the engine – Avoid putting unnecessary stress on the engine especially in hot weather. 
  • Avoid obstructions – Do not impair your car’s cooling capacity by mounting numberplates, spotlights, and the like in a way that will actually impede airflow into a radiator. 

How to diagnose an overheating engine? 

There are several ways in which you can detect if your engine is overheating. Some of these ways are – 

  • Warning light/tone
  • Ticking or thumping noise out of the engine 
  • “Hot” smell
  • Too hot to touch the hood 

What should you do if you are facing an engine overheating issue? 

If you are facing an engine overheating issue, you must check our list of tips that will guide you on what to do when you are stuck with it. 

  • Stop driving immediately and pop open the car’s hood. 
  • Immediately call the roadside assistance or a trusted mechanic. 
  • Wait for the engine to cool down for at least half an hour before igniting the engine. 
  • Top up the engine’s water and coolant if needed. 
  • Always check for leaks before driving off. 

These are some very simple ways in which you can tackle the issue of overheating. We hope these techniques work well for you. 

Since we are in auto-tuning and remapping business, we are often asked whether the car remapping services cause engine overheating issues or not. Here, after we are done discussing what car engine overheating is and what you can do in the situation, we are going to take you to the main question we are here to answer – can car remapping cause engine overheating?

Can Car Remapping cause engine overheat?

Since there are several different reasons why a car gets overheated, we cannot particularly say that car remapping cause engine overheating, especially if done the right way. When you get the right car remapping team to work on your ECU remapping, you won’t have to worry about the problem of engine overheating. The catch here is to choose the right auto tuning company to work on your car. 

If you are wondering how to choose the right auto tuning company, you must check out our piece on Things to consider while choosing an auto-tuning company for your car tuning services

So, clearly, when done right, car remapping will not cause any kind of overheating. So, go for it and you must try auto-tuning. So, if you are thinking of getting your car tuned, you must go for it. 

Although AdBlue is becoming very popular still it is not fitted in diesel vehicles. This is the device that is used to reduce emissions in the vehicle which is why all new vehicles come with AdBlue. Today, we are going to take you through the list of benefits that you can enjoy with AdBlue removal. 

What is AdBlue Removal?

AdBlue is a chemical that is usually used in SCR that is Selective Catalyst Reduction on diesel vehicles. This is done with the sole purpose of reducing NOx levels in the vehicle. This AdBlue fluid is the combination of urea as well as demineralized water that is injected into the vehicle’s exhaust system before adding an SCR catalyst. When this is done, a chemical reaction accuses which results in converting the NOx into Nitrogen as well as water vapour. Sometimes, AdBlue is also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid that is DEF.

Before we list the benefits of AdBlue removal, let’s understand what are the problems that come with AdBlue?

  1. The rate of Injecting AdBlue keeps on changing which is usually controlled by the vehicle electronics. The amount of this AdBlue fluid is based on several different factors like Engine speed, engine load, exhaust catalyst temperatures, engine temperature, and even exhaust gas temperatures. 
  2. When AdBlue is added to the vehicle, it can significantly increase the running cost of vehicles which is not good for the vehicle owner. 
  3. Usually, when the vehicle detects a problem with the AdBlue system or fluid, the vehicle starts to operate on reduced power mode. 

Now that we have discussed what are the different problems associated with AdBlue, Let’s get to what we are here to discuss – What Adblue Removal does and what are its benefits?

What AdBlue Removal Does? 

Usually, when AdBlue removal is processed, it tends to lower the running cost of the vehicle by improving the fuel consumption while reducing the cost of vehicle repair associated with the AdBlue systems. The AdBlue removal system receives different messages as well as data streams which then is responsible for carrying out the complex mathematical modelling while broadcasting the modified messages & data to the vehicle. In simple words, this system allows vehicles to think and communicate with the operational AdBlue system, however, in reality, this system has been disabled. 

Let’s get to the benefits of AdBlue removal – 

There are several different benefits of AdBlue removal which include improved vehicle performance, the reduced running cost as you no longer have to spend money on AdBlue fluid and even increase the vehicle’s power when combined with remapping. There are also several environmental advantages of AdBlue removal because it reduces the vehicle’s emission. In addition to the vehicle’s performance, environmental advantages, there are also many commercial advantages including the reduced vehicle excise duty and increased fuel efficiency. 

Different Options to disconnect the AdBlue Systems 

Being well-experienced in providing car remapping services, we are happy to share with you different options available to disconnect the AdBlue systems. AdBlue emulators are the most popular option. The prominent component of the AdBlue emulator is the circuit board (PCB) which comes in a plastic or metal box, simply wrapped or heat sealed in conduit. Other than an emulator, downloading the ECU file, modifying it and uploading it back to the vehicle’s ECU is a good way of AdBlue removal. In this method, there is no need for any mechanical change in the vehicle. 


If you are looking for AdBlue removal services in and around Essex, look no further and get in touch with Essex Tuning. We have a team of excellent professionals who are well-experienced in providing AdBlue (SCR) Deletion services. We will modify your car ECU and help you with AdBlue removal.

ECU Remapping is one of the cost-effective ways of improving your vehicle’s performance. If you are here, you probably are thinking about getting ECU remapping services and are in a fix whether to get the ECU remapping services or not. Here, we are going to take you through some advantages of getting ECU remapping services after reading which you can decide whether these services are for you or not. 

Before we dive into the reasons why you should consider going for ECU remapping services, let’s understand a bit about what it is. 

What is ECU Remapping? 

ecu remapping

Any type of modern vehicle is operated by the engine and is controlled by a computer that is called ECU which is Engine Control Unit. This tiny computer in your vehicle is responsible for controlling different aspects of the engine. Right from ignition timing, fuel ratio, and even the boost pressure, ECU is where everything in a vehicle is controlled. It comes with preset settings done by the manufacturer. But if the settings are altered, you can easily increase the performance of your vehicle. 

ECU remapping that is also popularly known as chipping is a process where third party software is used to replace the default ECU software. Now, this replaced software can be customized to the settings you need depending on the type of vehicle. While it might not take much time it has to be done by a professional who understands the preciseness of the process. 

Reading all this, we are sure you must be wondering if it is safe to get ECU remapping or not. The answer completely depends on who has done the job. A professional team like we have at Essex Tuning is highly experienced and talented to handle the job with precision. We take extra care on what kind of ECU software is being installed and also avoid using the software that comes from an unverified company.

A good ECU remapping service provider always tests the software before installing it in your vehicle. So, clearly, it is safe when it was done by someone experienced and knowledgeable. This is why we highly recommend picking the right ECU remapping company near you. If you are anywhere near Manchester, Essex Tuning will be happy to help you with any kind of auto-tuning service.

List of advantages of getting ECU Remapping Services 

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting ECU remapping services for your car. 

i) Increased torque and power

ii) Improved fuel economy

iii) Enhanced throttle response 

iv) Improved driving experience 

These are a few reasons why we would highly recommend you to give ECU remapping a try. With all these benefits, you can boost your car’s performance and bring your experience to another level. Let’s discuss each one of the above-listed benefits in detail one by one. 

Shall we? 

i) Increased torque and power

Whenever one talks about ECU remapping, the ultimate goal behind that is to increase the power of the engine. With remapping, you can remove your car’s limitations that are set upon by the manufacturer and make your car more effective. Depending on where you are in the world and which fuel is available, you can pick the remapping services for your car. In short, when it comes to the remapping of a vehicle, you can always expect to experience a boost in the power and torque of the engine up to 10% in non-turbo petrol cars and up to 20% for turbo-petrol cars. In the case of diesel turbo cars, with ECU remapping, you can achieve up to 30% more power and torque, which makes a huge difference in its performance. 

ii) Improved fuel economy

Another very good reason for you to go for ECU remapping is the effects it has on your car’s fuel economy. It is a well-known fact that with ECU remapping, you can increase mpg and get the most out of the money you are spending on fuel. When a car remapping is performed for fuel efficiency and economy, you get control over the fuel which as a result help save a lot of money you usually spend on fuel. 

iii) Enhanced throttle response 

Improving the responsiveness and throttle response of the engine is another reason why people go for ECU remapping for their car. So, if you are among those who are worried about the efficacy of your car’s performance, you must get the ECU remapping services and you will understand why we are saying it improved the throttle response of the vehicle. 

iv) Improved driving experience 

If one talks about the benefits of ECU remapping, we cannot leave behind the impact it has on the drivability of your car. It has been noticed that with remapping there is around 40% improvement in the performance of the vehicle, which in turn improves the drivability of your car. 

Things To Note After Getting Ecu Remapping Done! 

One thing that you need to do after you are done remapping your car is –

Declaring the remap with your insurance company

The first thing you need to do after getting your ECU remapped is declared the change with your insurance company. It will completely depend on the insurance provider whether they accept the modification you have made to your vehicle or not. The good thing is that most insurance companies do accept these modifications considering how common ECU remapping has become. 

However, there is a catch here. Usually, after remapping, the insurance company will ask about the power increase in the percentage and depending on that percentage, they will decide whether they will continue providing insurance for your vehicle or not and if yes, at what cost. 

This, however, is not a very big issue. If your old insurer is unable to provide insurance to your remapped vehicle, all you need to do is – cancel the old insurance and find a new one. Luckily, there are many different insurance companies who happily accept the modifications you have made. 

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